Why Lithium?

Explore the Benefits of Lithium

If we go on comparing to lead-acid lithium batteries then we might find batteries offering several significant advantages including the improved version of discharging and charge efficiency level. It also maintains and provides longer lifespan and ability to dig deep cycle while maintaining power. Lithium batteries often comes in different ranges that tends to have a higher price tag, but relatively they are much cheaper if we compare the life of the product that to with the incurring cost. There is no such thing, like maintenance and super long life that makes them a worthwhile investment and treat it as a smart long-term solution. They have so further had inherited a safe chemistry and hold an extra amount of protection from BMS. The products made by the company are light in weight. They are around 50-60% lighter than the lead- acid equivalents. These power banks tend to carry longer life than any other power banks of their rivals. They have up to 10X longer life cycle than the lead-acid equivalents. They are basically available in standard industry sizes and are more compatible to the customers than any other products.

These products have more Usable Capacity than the lead-acid equivalent, around 20-25% more capacity. They are always brimming with Full power even throughout discharge. Voltage does not drop like lead-acid. The Lithium products are 2.5X more efficient in operating at low temperatures. They are safely operational up to 149°F (65°C). These power banks highly efficient in charging and can fully charge in 1-3 hours. They also hold the feature of built-in overcharge protection. They do not render any type of damage from the partial state of charge operation or storage. They have a longer shelf life than any normal power banks as it has features of low self-discharge so the battery maintains the state of charge.

They are also free of any maintenance. You just have to plug in, play and charge. You just have to make sure to keep it away from any kind of liquid. They are also non-hazardous to the environment as they don’t emit any kind of gases in the environment.