1. Battery warranty can be claimed on structural as well as functional performance.
  2. Battery warranty can be claimed if battery output performance degrades to 50% or below within warranty period
  3. E-Rex Mechatronics Pvt Ltd will first try to replace BMS of battery pack to regain performance of battery pack, if this solution is not working company will replace the battery pack with new one.
  4. If battery catch fire or blast in road side accident, E-Rex Mechatronics Pvt Ltd is not responsible for the damages or losses to the battery pack
  5. If consumer use any wrong method i.e. tampering with casing or serial number or short circuit etc., to claim battery warranty then manufacturer have rights to deny a warranty claim
  6. In “Service Warranty”, E-Rex Mechatronics Pvt Ltd will only repair the battery. Battery is not replaceable in “service warranty”
  7. In case fire, blast, ya any other issue happened so E-Rex Company does not responsible.
  8. In Case Battery stickers are Damage Or removed. Warranty can be Void.