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We believe in moving forward without leaving Mother Nature behind. We’re here to nurture a lifestyle that isn’t just rich from the outside but has deeper values rooted within it, a lifestyle that believes in giving back to the nature.


The Newcomer: E-Rex Lithium-Ion

For decades lead-acid batteries have been the dominant choice for Off Grid solar systems, but with the growth of electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery technology has improved and become a viable option for Off Grid solar.

In 2016, lithium-ion batteries were just beginning to be used for large-scale solar systems, but they have been used for portable and handheld solar systems for years. Due to their enhanced energy density and ease of transport, you should seriously consider using lithium-ion batteries when planning a portable solar energy system.

E-Rex Battery packs

E-Rex Battery is Gasoline of 21st Century.

Application Of E-Rex batteries

Home UPS

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Electric Rickshaw


Cold storage






Many More

  • “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and security.” …

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We strongly believe that our technology can help power the path towards a greener future. By leveraging the latest in automobile technology, our engineers have made it possible to deliver top-class performance without harming the environment. Sustainable development is a key factor to our innovation, and therefore everything from our products to our manufacturing centers are completely green and ensures no impact is made on mother nature. This belief of powering the change towards an ecologically considerate society is what keeps us moving, and we’re sure that our cutting edge technology and high-performance vehicles will be what keeps the world moving. We are E-rex We’re here to #Let's grow up together


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